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101 Seo Tips And Tricks

Title element | Backlinks | Domain Name Expiry | Sticky Content | Keywords

< TITLE > Element

Eg: < title > 101 SEO Tip and tricks. Search Engine Optimization summarized < / title >

  1. Every page should have <title> element defined.
  2. Each page should have unique <title> describing the best, what the page has to offer.
  3. The < title> element should be less than 80 characters long.
  4. Try to make sure that you use title variations for the beginning characters not the last ones.
  5. Do not repeat the same keyword twice in the same TITLE. How many times have you seen that before? Don't you think that by now the search engines treat that as some type of SEO tricks for which they could penalize your website.
  6. Remember, when you go to search for something in any Search Engine , <title> contents is the first thing you read. So apart for creating search engine friendly title, remember it has to be also attractive to human eye.



Backlinks are incoming links to your website or web page. The number of backlinks indicates of how popular or important that website or web page is. Backlinks are also referred to as incoming links, inbound links or inward links.

  1. Start promoting your website by creating QUALITY backlinks. Quality is very important. What is a quality backlink? Search engines can recognize quality link when they see one.
  2. Quality link usually sits on the page that has relevant content to your web page (to the page it is pointing to). The website that the link has been placed on is already trusted by major search engines. This type of a link is not sitting somewhere in the footer of the page but rather in the best possible and very visible location within the main content.
  3. Backlinks should be in a form of a text link, where 'My Products, My Services' plays very important role

    eg: < a href = "http://www.mysite.com" > My Products, My Services < /a >

  4. 'My Products, My Services' is an Anchor Text. This text is very important, because the search engines use it to determine for which phrases your website or web page must rank well in the search results
  5. Anchor Text should be varied. Imagine the scenario where Search Engine detects 100 backlinks pointing to your website, but all the links have exactly the same anchor text. This can be easily recognized as link buying or other link building scheme. What the Search Engine like is natural links, so make it look like the links are obtained by your site's increasing popularity.

Domain Name Expiry

  1. How many years did you register your domain name for? The longer you decide to register the domain name for, the better and more seriously, you will be treated by Google algorithms.
  2. Most of the spam and low quality sites register their domain names for one year, unsure if they spamming activity will be still ongoing in the following year.
  3. Registration of the domain name for 10 years tells Google that you are really serious about your business or your website.

Sticky Content

  1. Sticky content means that user will keep on returning to your website. It also means that if the user has found your website in the search results and decided to enter your site, he or she decided to browse around before hitting the back button.
  2. Don't ask me how, but my guess is that with simple client ip address resolution, those aspects (stickiness) can be easily determined by search engines. I have found out on my own skin, that in spite having thousands of backlinks from quality sites, having high PR and using all the knowledge I have, my sites that were not sticky enough, after first or second update were dropped in ranking or even panalized.
  3. Penalty applied for lack of stick content sometimes is referred to as "-30 Penalty "


  1. Keywords in an Internet search are groups of words used to find matching web pages.
  2. One of the important aspects when concentrating on choosing and using right keywords in you web pages is not to exceed the correct keyword density in your pages. Some recommend that you should not exceed 10%. One way to check the density of keywords on your pages is SEOChat's keyword density tool, found below:

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